A septic tank is very useful for storing and treating of wastewater from a property. Although they require minimal maintenance, overtime they can become full and require emptying. That is where The Waterman comes in. With our septic tank desludging in Stirling, we can make sure your tank is emptied correctly and safely for use in the future. 

Septic tanks are used in the event that main sewage pipes aren’t connected to certain locations.

Unfortunately, there will be times where the tank becomes blocked. Whether it’s due to irresponsible flushing or draining of products or simply long-term use, we can make sure the tank’s contents is cleared out and disposed of correctly.

Here are just some of the things you shouldn’t dispose of to be collected by the septic tank, according to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (S.E.P.A);

  • Oils ŸMedicines
  • Grease ŸFat
  • Sanitary items ŸCotton buds
  • Kitchen towels ŸBleaches
  • Paints ŸDrain cleaners

There are of course plenty more, but the general consensus is that anything that isn’t water waste from toilets, sinks, showers and septic tank-friendly household appliances needs to be disposed of via the bin or other suitable means.

Don’t wait to contact us today. Make a simple enquiry and we can arrange to be at your location as soon as possible to ensure your septic tank is free from unwelcome elements.