waterman 6 001 The picture above shows an engineering brick built tank preparing for its top. We can arrange for you to visit sites like this. A Septic tank is  the simplest approved way of handling domestic sewage that will pass both the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (S.E.P.A.) and Building Control. Our way of explaining what a septic tank does is to say: “It removes the big bits”. Little actual improvement in the concentrated effluent actually takes place but it will be approved; and if you follow our advice it will be much better. The Waterman test everything by sampling before and after; so we know what is happening. What leaves the septic tank, then needs to go to a soakaway system or sometimes direct to a water course or sea. There are many manufacturers of septic tanks, and some work much better than others. We will advise you as to the best septic tank for your situation. Our brick built traditional design is proven to work well, requiring little maintenance. SOAKAWAY A soakaway is the most common and accepted way of disposing of the outfall from septic tanks and treatment plants. This shows one under construction. waterman 5 001 PERCOLATION TEST

This is done to determine the suitability of the ground, and needs to be done properly. The Waterman attend too many failing soakaways and mounds, which cause problems. So please note that the creation of a Soakaway is best done by a specialist; and not a man with a digger. The maintenance of a soakaway is essential to prevent it from blocking and smelling.

DESLUDGING OF TREATMENT PLANTS AND SEPTIC TANKS The emptying of the sludge in a septic tanks and treatment plants is done by tankers. We will arrange this and be on site to ensure it is done correctly.