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With over forty years of experience to draw on the Consultancy service the Waterman offers to the whole of Scotland, is a complete service that encompasses everything to do with private water and sewage.

The big difference with our consultancy work is we actually cost our solutions and design. We also think cost at each stage.

  • We can provide an initial opinion on your issue and its cost implication
  • We can provide everything you may need for building control and planning and actually lay the system out for your architect.
  • We specialise in problem/difficult jobs and using our extensive experience in providing sound solutions.


    Correctly done percolation test, prior investigation and mitigation issues, sizing tank and choosing correct equipment. Total independent advice again based on years of experience.


    Dealing with failed systems with environmental consultants for private and commercial properties. Again costed at each stage.
    Acting for our clients in related matters involving lawyers.
    Disputes, purchase or sales issues and dealing with insurance claims.

In short we are truly a one stop shop.

To secure grant funding, water testing and certification must be maintained. We will be happy to provide you with an ongoing service management facility.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.