Constructing a spring store well

Constructing a spring store well

Before we drill a borehole we will always see if we can get a spring store well. We have very successful ways of doing this that are tried and tested across Scotland. It is cheaper by far than a new bore, given the lower cost and the high failure cost of a bore.

Often with a spring store well a pump is not required, but it will still require filtration. It is important to know the demand that is going to be placed on the spring store well, as they are not generally suitable for high demand users.

Here is a spring well under construction.

Waterman 1 001


A spring store well should always be considered as you will be surprised where we have done these.

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Borehole 1 (2)

A borehole is a common and usually successful way of getting water in Scotland. They are normally about thirty, or more, metres deep, with lining to prevent collapse.


With our forty years of experience, the Waterman will locate the bore position and complete the whole project from start to finish.

The water quality that can be achieved from boreholes is to most customers surprisingly, not pure enough to pass regulation with a low PH, high iron, magnesium, and aluminium commonly needing to be dealt with.

As standard we will always fit an ultra violet light as current water regulations are high.

All boreholes require pumps and we will select the right unit and arrange for the electrical work to be done by our specialist electrical contractor.

The controls we fit regulate the flow, as well as reducing the power requirement giving touch control and visual display as standard. They are also extremely reliable.

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