Boreholes are a smaller, cheaper alternatives to wells and are ideal as an easier to maintain water
source, which you can choose to have at your residential property. Many people choose to use this
option as borehole water does not have pollutants, so it is a safer source of drinking water. Here at
The Waterman, we specialise in borehole drilling in Scotland and have experience working with
both commercial and domestic customers.

Before we drill a borehole we will always see if we can get a spring store well in first. We have very
successful ways of doing this that are tried and tested across Scotland. It is cheaper by far than a
new bore and often with a spring store well a pump is not required, but it will still require filtration. It
is important to know the demand that is going to be placed on the spring store well, as they are not
generally suitable for high demand users.

We are happy to discuss your individual needs and you can rely on the quality and professionalism
associated with our company in everything we do. We offer an array of services across Scotland
including well installation, septic tank maintenance as well as water consultation services.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help on 01360 860 575. You can book an
appointment to have a site survey undertaken or just to have a chat in more detail about what you
are looking to do.