If you are considering having a septic tank installed, then call the Waterman for an expert, professional and no nonsense approach to this delicate system. Having septic tank installation in Scotland can be made easy with our many years experience in this industry.

The process begins by doing a percolation test. This is done to determine the suitability of the ground and needs to be done properly. The Waterman attend too many failing Soakaways and mounds, which cause problems. So please note that the creation of a Soakaway is best done by a specialist; not a man with a digger. The maintenance of which is also essential in preventing blockages and smells.

A septic tank is the simplest approved way of handling domestic sewage that will pass both the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (S.E.P.A.) and Building Control, we liaise closely with these agencies and ensure that all of our projects fall in line with their requirements.

Please contact us on 01360 860575 for any questions regarding septic tank installation in Scotland and we can arrange a site visit in order to get the process underway.