Klargester Treatment Plant

Installation of a Klargester treatment plant – recent project.

Treatment plants are not to be confused with septic tanks. Treating waste water is regularly required to pass SEPA. It is therefore a legal requirement to ensure that all plants are maintained regularly. Some unfortunately don’t get maintained and therefore just don’t work, and problems can be expensive. Installing such a system needs to be done by a specialist and not a man with a digger.

With over 40 years of experience to draw on, the Waterman will only recommend sewage treatment systems that we know will work because we have tested most. The result is that you will get a system that we service, giving you clear and virtually odourless water discharge. We invite you inspect one of our many installed systems. We design and install complete systems for new houses, including all pipe work and manholes, accurately costed and maintained. We also deal with the SEPA and Building Control details from start to finish.

Contact us if you want to be sure yours is working properly, and if it is failing we can help.